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Menu Changes

Middle Schools, High Schools, LakeView and Reuther

  • Wednesday, Jan. 24: Taco Bar
  • Thursday, Jan. 25: Pizza Dippers
  • Friday, Jan. 26: Egg Roll
  • Monday, Jan. 29: resume regular menu


  • Thursday, Jan. 25: Pizza Dippers
  • Friday, Jan. 26: resume regular menu


Elementary School Menus
Form English
Breakfast - every week PDF icon breakfast-elementary.pdf
Head Start/PreK - full year PDF icon lunch-headstart.pdf
Elementary Lunch - January PDF icon lunch-elementary-jan.pdf
Elementary Lunch - March PDF icon lunch-elementary-march.pdf
Elementary Lunch - April PDF icon lunch-elementary-april.pdf
Elementary Lunch - May PDF icon lunch-elementary-may.pdf
Elementary Lunch - June PDF icon lunch-elementary-june.pdf
Elementary Lunch - February PDF icon lunch-elementary-feb.pdf
Middle School Menus
Form English
Middle School Lunch - full year PDF icon lunch-middle.pdf
Charter Middle Schools - full year PDF icon lunch-charter.pdf
High School Menus
Form English
Bradford, Indian Trail and Tremper - full year PDF icon lunch-high.pdf
Harborside - full year PDF icon lunch-harborside.pdf
Hillcrest - full year PDF icon lunch-hillcrest.pdf
LakeView - full year PDF icon lunch-lakeview.pdf
Reuther - full year PDF icon lunch-reuther.pdf