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Equipment Checkout

Kenosha Unified School District has a variety of equipment available through the Assistive Technology Equipment Checkout.  Equipment can be checked out to try with a student to determine whether it improves the student’s educational performance.

  • If the equipment is found to be effective, equipment can then be checked out to the student for longer periods of time.
  • The need for the equipment must be documented on the student’s Individualized Education Program.

In addition to the equipment available for student use, resource materials, including books and videos, are available for use by teachers, therapists, and parents.

When a voice output device is needed for a trial that is not available in the Assistive Technology Equipment Checkout, efforts are made to obtain the equipment through other sources, including the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative Lending Library (

The categories of equipment are as follows:

  • Adaptive equipment
  • Alternate keyboards
  • Amplifiers
  • Autism Resources *
  • Books
  • Communication devices
  • Computers
  • Control Units
  • Hardware
  • Keyguards
  • ​Literacy supports
  • Personal Digital Assistants
  • Portable word processors (e.g., AlphaSmart)
  • Printers
  • Software
  • Study tools
  • Switches
  • Switch Interface
  • Videos

* For a list of our Autism supports and some of our literacy supports, see below. 

General Document(s)
Form English
Autism Resources PDF icon autism_resources.pdf
Literacy Starters PDF icon literacy_starters.pdf
Start-To-Finish Books PDF icon Start-to-Finish.pdf