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Communication and Devices


Switches & Single Switch Voice Output Communication Devices

Other Devices/Equipment


General Document(s)
Form English
Data Sheet Core Words PDF icon data_sheet_core_words.pdf
Vantage/Vanguard Unity 45 Full: Top 50+ High Frequency Vocabulary Items PDF icon Top_50-45_Full.pdf
Accessibility Options in Mac OS 10.5 Leopard PDF icon leopard_accessibility_options.pdf
Merriam-Webster Speaking Dictionary & Thesaurus PDF icon mws-1840english.pdf
Programming Daily News PDF icon programming_daily_news.pdf
VMax Quick Fact Sheet PDF icon vmax_quick_fact_sheet.pdf
Natural Reader PDF icon naturalreader.pdf
Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary PDF icon 11th_Edition_Dictionary.pdf
Sample Plan for Learning Unity PDF icon sample_plan_for_learning_unity.pdf
Vantage/Vanguard Speaking Numbers PDF icon vantage_vanguard_speaking_numbers-1.pdf
Making Talking Books with Power Point PDF icon making_talking_book.pdf
Powerlink Manual PDF icon PowerLink_Manual.pdf
Setting Up the TV Remote PDF icon tv_remote_for_vg_vtg.pdf
Pathfinder: Downloading PASS and Changing User Area PDF icon pathfinder_downloading_pass_and_change_user_area.pdf
Developing Switch Skills by ACE Centre – North PDF icon DevelopingSwitchingSkills.pdf
Speaking Homework Wiz PDF icon speaking_homework_wiz.pdf
Vantage II Calibration PDF icon vantage_ii_calibration.pdf
Pathfinder: System Lock Feature PDF icon pathfinder_system_lock.pdf
Fifty Fun Ideas for Simple Switch or Low Tech Activities by Molly Shannon PDF icon 50_ideas.pdf
Speaking Homework WIZ Manual PDF icon kid-240english.pdf
Vantage Lite Unity 84 Quick Fact Sheet PDF icon vantage_lite_u84_quick_fact_sheet.pdf
Pathfinder Unity 128 Quick Fact Sheet PDF icon pathfinder_unity_128.pdf
Scanning Hierarchy for Switches by Deidra Bunn (gpat) PDF icon scanning_hierarchy.pdf
VibraLite 3 Cheat Sheet PDF icon vibralite3watch.pdf
Vocab Ideas by Activity Top 15 PDF icon vocab_ideas_by_activity_top_15.pdf
Vantage Unity 84 Quick Fact Sheet PDF icon vantage_84.pdf
Pathfinder: Unity 128 Interjections Dictionary PDF icon U128_Interjection_Dictionary.pdf
Stepping Stones to Switch Access by Linda Burkhart PDF icon stepping_stones.pdf
VibraLite 3 Manual PDF icon vibralite3manual.pdf
Ideas for Teaching Core Vocabulary PDF icon ideas-core-words.pdf
Vantage Unity 84 Sequenced Core Top 15 Words and Rationales PDF icon vantage_unity_84_sequenced.pdf
Pathfinder: Unity 128 Prepositions Dictionary PDF icon U128_Preposition_Dictionary.pdf
Switch Interface Pro PDF icon switch_interface_pro.pdf
Online Assistive Technology Mini-Trainings PDF icon at_online_trainings_cheat.pdf
Changing Overlay PDF icon ecochanging_overlays_and_access.pdf
Vantage/Vanguard 84 Seq. Game Words PDF icon vant_vang_84_seq_game_words.pdf
Pathfinder: Unity 128 Icon Labels PDF icon unity_128_icon_labels.pdf
Bigmack Littlemack PDF icon BIGmackLITTLEmack.pdf
Scan to Write PDF icon scan_to_write_board.pdf
iPod Touch Features PDF icon ipod_touch_features.pdf
Vantage/Vanguard 84 Seq. Talking About Food PDF icon vant_vang_84_seq_talking_about_food.pdf
Pathfinder 128 Single Hit with words 3x5 cards PDF icon pathfinder_128_single_hit_with_words_3x5_cards.pdf
BigstepLittlestep PDF icon BIGStepLITTLEStep.pdf
Working with Proloquo2Go PDF icon working_with_proloquo2go.pdf
Vantage/Vanguard 84 Seq. Top 15 PDF icon vant_vang_84_seq_top_15_words_visor_cheat.pdf
Pathfinder 128 Single Hit Top 50+ Poster PDF icon pathfinder_128_single_hit_top_50_poster.pdf
Jelly Beamer PDF icon Jelly_Beamer_Manual.pdf
How To Teach the Quick Talk Book PDF icon quick_talk_book.pdf
Vantage/Vanguard 84 Seq. Top 50 PDF icon vant_vang_84_seq_top_50.pdf
Importing a Picture into BoardMaker for Windows PDF icon boardmaker.pdf
Step By Step 75 with Connectable Manual 99 PDF icon SBS75_Connectable_Manual_99.pdf
Partner Assisted Scanning Directions PDF icon partner_assisted_scanning_directions.pdf
Vantage/Vanguard PASS Software PDF icon vantage_vanguard_pass.pdf
Clicker 5: Mac OSX and Accessible Books PDF icon clicker5_mac.pdf
Step By Step with Levels PDF icon SBSL.pdf
Partner-Assisted Communication Strategies for Children Who Face Multiple Challenges PDF icon Isaac_instructional_06.pdf
Vantage/Vanguard Speaking Numbers PDF icon vantage_vanguard_speaking_numbers.pdf
Clicker 5: Using Switches PDF icon clicker5_switches.pdf
Switch Interface Pro5 PDF icon SwitchInterfacePro50.pdf
Partner-Assisted Communication Strategies for Children Who Face Multiple Challenges (Summary) PDF icon hand_partner_assist.pdf
Vantage/Vanguard Tips PDF icon vantage_vanguard_tips.pdf
Clicker 5: Windows and Accessible Books PDF icon clicker5.pdf
Dana: Getting Started PDF icon getting_started_with_dana.pdf
84 Vantage 84 location sequenced 3x5 cards top 50 PDF icon 84_Vantage_84_location_sequenced_3x5_cards_top_50.pdf
Vantage/Vanguard Unity 45 Full: Changing Statements to Questions PDF icon Vantage_45_Full_Changing_Statements_to_Questions.pdf
Accessibility Options in Mac OS 10.4 Tiger PDF icon tiger_accessibility_options.pdf
Franklin Bookman Advanced PDF icon Franklin_Bookman.pdf