KUSD submits school safety grant application | Kenosha Unified School District

KUSD submits school safety grant application

The Kenosha Unified School District has officially submitted its grant proposal for the 2018 School Safety Initiative designed to improve K-12 school safety throughout Wisconsin. With support from the Board of Education and local law enforcement agencies, the district is hopeful it will receive the requested funds to further support the safety initiatives already in place.

Kenosha Unified was an early adopter of the ALiCE active shooter response training program, and has rolled out the program to staff and community, as well as students through the development of their own lesson plans for students in grades 4K-12.

Superintendent Dr. Sue Savaglio-Jarvis said, “Many of the innovative safety tools we currently have in place align with ALiCE in an effort to provide the safest learning and working environment possible for our students and staff.”

The district’s grant application outlines additional tools and professional development that will reinforce the safety measures already in place. “We are extremely thankful for the opportunity to apply for school safety initiative funds, which, if granted, will go a long way in helping make our schools more secure,” said Savaglio-Jarvis.

Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis, one of three law enforcement agency leaders who work closely with Kenosha Unified, said, “The district has a great working relationship with local law enforcement and makes a valiant effort to provide the best schools possible for the children of our community. We greatly appreciate and respect the work they have done as a forerunner in school safety and fully support their request for funds to further these efforts.”

The district’s application includes a request for funding to support the following upgrades:

  • Protective film on main entrances and classroom entrance glass of all KUSD buildings
  • Staff training for Trauma Informed Care and Non-violent Crisis Intervention
  • Additional staff training for performing school safety assessments
  • Replacement of video intercom systems at main entrances of every school
  • Implementation of visitor screening systems at every district building
  • Addition of a visual component through the use of flashing blue lights to the Informacast Alert system already in place
  • Installation of a shot spotter system throughout the district to be integrated with the Informacast Alert system