Nash to take a plunge for American Heart Association | Kenosha Unified School District

Nash to take a plunge for American Heart Association

Nash Elementary School staff and students are taking the Jump Rope for Heart event to a new level to raise funds for the American Heart Association. Because students have exceeded their schoolwide goal of $16,900, Nash principal Brett Basely, physical education teacher David Dummer and others will plunge into the frigid waters of Lake Andrea in Pleasant Prairie on Friday, March 16, 2018, at 9 a.m. This event will be live streamed back to the school so students can witness the bone-chilling action in real-time.

In addition to the culminating incentive, students will be rewarded for their efforts through prizes and classroom incentives along the way to keep the momentum going. Thanks to incentives such as this, and past incentives such as staff sleeping on the school’s roof, Nash Elementary has been the top fundraiser for the American Heart Association in Kenosha County for the past three years, raising more than $65,000 to date.

Jump Rope for Heart engages students in jumping rope while raising funds to support lifesaving heart and stroke research. It also supports the development of education materials and promotes healthy living. Nash Elementary uses this program to motivate students to make a difference and understand the impact they can make in the world by helping others. The goal is to instill empathy in the students while helping a great organization.