Official Third Friday count | Kenosha Unified School District

Official Third Friday count

Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD) has finalized the state-mandated Third Friday enrollment count. The initial count shows an enrollment of 21,655 students, a decrease of 274 students when compared to the 2016-17 Third Friday count of 21,929.

Each September, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requires districts to gather and report an enrollment headcount of students receiving primary educational services from the district on the third Friday of the month. This number is used by the state to determine state revenue limits, which is the amount of funding KUSD is entitled to receive from general state aid and local tax levies.

This overall enrollment decrease was expected, consistent with recent years, as Kenosha Unified continues to experience the effects of a significant decrease in community birth rates that began in 2009-10. Since 2010, the combined KUSD boundary areas of the City of Kenosha, Somers and Pleasant Prairie has averaged 250 less births compared to previous years. This accumulative trend is now impacting the early grades of pre-kindergarten to grade 2, which had a noticeable decrease of 167 students when compared to last year. The decrease of 182 students at grade 10 is mainly due to an unusually small 9th grade class in 2016-17. The Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum (KTEC) had the anticipated largest growth of any KUSD school (106 students) over last year, as they finalized their board approved expansion at their KTEC-West campus. The KTEC expansion in grade 8 was the contributing factor for the decrease at the traditional middle schools.

With an enrollment of 21,655 students, Kenosha Unified is expected to retain its status as the third largest district in the state, trailing Milwaukee Public Schools and the Madison Metropolitan School District.